Shifting into Winter: How to Prepare for Winter Driving

Hey ya’ll, it’s that time of year again! Here’s one winter driving scenario you could experience: First, there’s a moment of incomprehension when your steering wheel suddenly refuses to do your bidding. Panic starts to set in, your vehicle skates along the road – you’re no longer steering but praying you don’t veer into oncoming traffic. As a grateful survivor of a traumatic winter driving incident, you’ve learned the hard way to deeply respect Mother Nature, and are quite content to avoid driving in inclement weather, delay a trip until the roads are plowed, and knowingly reduce speed, while other less experienced drivers whiz by. To prevent an unnecessary skid, slip or accident, consider the following safe driving techniques:

  • Drive at reduced speeds
  • Avoid over accelerating your vehicle in deep snow
  • Plan ahead in lane changes
  • Slow down ahead of turns and curves
  • Anticipate stops near intersections
  • Make sure you have a full tank and tire pressure is where it needs to be

And stay alert, stay calm and BE PATIENT. I hope this helps, be safe out there ya’ll!

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