It’s Always Smart To Protect Your Toys

If you are pulling an RV, touring America on your motorcycle, boating on the Great Lakes, or snowmobiling in northern Michigan for the weekend, working with Trustway makes it easy to find an insurance policy for whatever recreational vehicle you may choose for an adventure. Even if there are some recreational vehicles that you may not want to insure for physical damage, it is always a good idea to be covered for liability. Make more time for fun and let the Trustway experts help you to be ready for the unexpected.

  • Boating

Whether you use your boat for fishing, water skiing or just relaxing, or if you like to speed along on your jet skis, you can count on Trustway to help you protect your investment. In addition to the basics, you can select coverage for mechanical breakdowns, on-water towing, fishing equipment coverage and wreckage removal.

  • RV

   Whether you vacation with a camper or motor home, it is important to protect your investment with the right coverage that fits your needs. Similar to auto insurance, RV insurance protects you from excessive out-of-pocket costs. Additional protection is available for personal belongings, equipment, attached accessories, and replacement cost coverage.

  • Snowmobiles

Snowmobile insurance protects your investment and your financial well-being if you are at fault in an accident that harms one of your passengers, another snowmobiler, or someone’s personal property, or even a hiker along the trail. The average cost of a new snowmobile is approximately $11,000, so it is important that you protect your investment.

  • Motorcycles

Let’s not forget insurance needs for bikers. As long as your motorcycle is licensed and approved for use on public roadways, and you have your endorsement, insuring your ride is a breeze.

  • ATV

Even if ATV insurance isn’t required in your neck of the woods, that’s no reason to go without it. As you may have heard, off-roading can be a bit … bumpy (in fact, that’s sort of the whole idea). Given the high cost of injury bills or replacing a stolen ride, it’s easy to see where some help comes in handy.


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