We are Trustway.

Founded because of a huge lack in the market today,
Trustway breaks the mold of the traditional insurance broker.

With industry changes coming almost daily, it is more important than ever to not just have an insurance agent. You must have a broker that offers a full spectrum of services that are designed to help you manage all the risks in the world today.

From lawsuits to fines, for years we looked for a company that could help our founder, David Hall, find insurances that could cover his other companies. But it was more than that; he was looking for a partner that could help manage and offset the risks before they happen.

Insurance is designed to cover you when something happens, but what about helping keep those things from happening?

After years of searching, he could not find a company that could  handle all his needs. In 2000, David decided to start his own. That's where we come in.

How We Work

Who we are.

Our team of experts is standing by to help grow and protect you.

David Hall

Founder and CEO


Director of Operations


Director of Insurance


Director of Customer Relations

Anastaxia Wang

Director of Accounting and Financial

Howard Taylor

Director of Tax and Compliance

Jordan Birchett

Marketing Director

General requirement OSHA fines average $2,200 per fine and over $6 million per year.

No need to worry—you can rest easy with our regular compliance newsletters, articles, action plans and support to keep you up to date and in the know.

A 1.2 mod value represents a 20 percent increase in

Do you know your mod? We do. Our workers’ compensation and mod analysis tools identify cost drivers and help us create cost reduction strategies for you.

The National Safety Council estimates that, on average, preventing a workplace injury can save $39,000, and preventing a fatality can save more than $1.4 million.

Safety and risk mitigation is something we take very seriously. Let us provide you with a plan that includes safety manuals, training and fraud reduction.

For every $1 invested in workplace safety, such as workplace posters and educational materials, employers realize $3-$10 in both direct and indirect cost savings.

Asking employees to “work safely” is simply not enough. We have you covered with industry-specific posters, education and anything you’ll need to communicate to employees this importance to them and the business.

How we work.

1 Get a quote. Unlike many other brokerages and agencies, we don't offer access to just a few insurance companies. Our specialists shop over 150 different companies to help you find the best coverages. Once we find options for you, we work with the underwriters to help you get the best value possible.

2 Once your coverage is in place, we will review it each time it renews to make sure you maintain the coverages you need as well as ensure you are still getting the best value for your money. We will happily cover this with you each year and modify as life and business changes.

3 Once you are a client, you have full access to all of our resources. One of our client relations professionals will work with you to ensure you have everything you need from OSHA training materials, workplace safety to employee handbooks. Best of all, almost everything we have to give you is at no charge!